The GSI range offers a distinct personality created by combining this generous heritage of Civita Castellana with beautiful, practical design and modern technology. Learn More

About GSI

GSI offers the highest quality bathroom ceramics and furnishings for contemporary living. GSI ceramics are expertly crafted using the latest technology, featuring pristine profiles and smooth surfaces thanks to the exclusive Extraglaze® treatment for enduring good looks. GSI’s four distinctive ranges come with dedicated storage solutions, providing homeowners and designers with pure Italian design inspiration for their bathroom projects.

Today, GSI is a leader in ceramics production and a global brand sold in over 50 countries worldwide. The company’s commitment to research and development and its strong focus on innovation result in the most advanced and well-designed products for the bathroom, all made in Italy and distributed in Ireland through Niko Bathrooms.

Our surroundings are often taken for granted in everyday life, if we stop and explore in the moment, we can discover a vast history of beauty and design. The GSI range of bathroom products has accomplished this in its wonderful array of products. Civita Castellana in the province of Viterbo, Italy has given us a Ceramic production facility with a heritage of over 2,600 years.

The GSI range offers a distinct personality created by combining this generous heritage of Civita Castellana with beautiful, practical design and modern technology. Time, skill and talent have achieved a GSI Bathroom collection of beauty and design all for your perusal over time or in the moment.


The Classic collection exudes GSI’s interpretation of elegance through the immediately recognizable stylistic traits of this range: the classic shape of the washbasins and toilets. The gracious furniture has balanced and harmonious shapes with obvious neoclassical inspiration. These are timeless products, which can furnish your bathroom, recreating a traditional atmosphere of stylish elegance and evoke new forms of romanticism.


Kube strongly asserts the renewed stylistic trend of the GSI range of ceramics and furniture. The uniqueness of the collection expresses a real solidity typical of products with strong character. Thanks to their minimalist appeal the Kube range may be combined with the entire Norm collection.


Norm is GSI’s minimalist offering, for the client who appreciates simplicity – nothing superfluous, nothing ornamental. Its multiple dimensions and functionality comprise a ceramic sanitary range which can be adapted to meet a wide range of spaces and requirements. Once combined with accessories and furniture, this range creates a pleasing, functional elegant and minimal bathroom space


The Pura collection is characterised by rational design and stylish elegance. Shapes that skilfully balance straight lines and soft rounding. The understated purity of its lines gives a contemporary elegance and a touch of luxury and refinement that fits with simple, but tasteful design.

Nobili Taps

Nobili is crafted by Italy’s largest tapware manufacturer, Nobili is renowned for its bold designs and advanced robotic manufacturing processes. Each mixer in the collection delivers unsurpassed quality and Italian design style. The Nobili collection brings a superb fusion of fashion, technology and ergonomics to the bathroom and kitchen.


Redefine the rules of style and make them understandable to everyone. The design of the Likid collection expresses passion and energy. Its technology, maximum efficiency. Because Likid would not be a Nobili product if it didn’t leave everyone in awe.


Pleasure and seduction. The egocentric Tower collection attracts attention and focuses emotions. Extraordinary silhouettes, highly creative fantasy, pure aesthetic taste. Marked elegance and unmistakeable character.


A perfect combination of classic and innovative elements. The Carlos Primero collection evokes stylistic and timeless suggestions of free and immortal tastes. And if the aesthetics are exciting, then so is the technology.

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